11 October 2010

for the rest of HER life

sebuah puisi yang digarap khas oleh Radiah Sarip untuk kita sama-sama renung-renung dan amalkan. cehhh dah macam ceramah prof izi kat hot fm pulak.

btw, ini adalah permintaan cik radiah sarip sebagai luahan hati beliau. tak tau motif utama ape. tapi mungkin sebab belog aku ni ramai peminat kot. ok, ini tipu.haha

jadi cik radiah, sebagai memenuhi permintaan awak saya tunaikan. abrakadabra!

blog is about sharing. Its not about us trying to get out of boredam.
Its not a place to get new crush,
its a place where people gathered,and listened to each other's stories...

This post is about how people come and go.
The times flew by,and bring changes.
I am here today,
amar aizat's friend.
Choosed to wrote in his blog.
As i know.
Writing is the best theraphy for me, and i wanted to share my stories to you.

its normal for someone having a relationship,
a great relationship that lasts for year,

to be heart-broken when the relationship turn out to be nothing.

Its how we try to get over it.
Thats the only way to heal the bleeding heart.

When i fell in love,
i considered my partner as a part of me.
And when someone loses a part of them.
They obviously dont function well.

I dont know.
Its like me,
losing my arm or a leg.
But infact, i lost a HEART.
ANd now im safe to say that im,

I never had a man whos special to me.
And the most amazing feeling is,
loving him and being loved back.

my mom keeps on telling me:

you should think carefully before having any serious relationship.

I just cant help it!
I adore every single thing about him.

Hes smart.
Hes cultured.
Well taught by his family..

When im with him.
I didnt even care about any other men.
I dont care if u driving bmw, doing engineering,and super good-looking.
For me,

he's the most perfect person ive ever met!

Love is blind.
I admit it...

After he left me,
i realized..

Ive got many friends.
When i with him,
i forget how important friends is.
I forget that i have a very loving family that always care for me...

I realized every single things.
Living without you like living with no airs..

But i thank god..
It opened my eyes..

sorry for talking craps here.

Comeon babes out there,
u dont have to adore your boyfriend that much!

Lets keep our what-so-called 'pure love',
for the one we call HUSBAND!

SEe you later folks!

Current song:
maher zain- for the rest of my life

okeh. sajak die ni touching gile. agaknye satu baldi air mata tyme dia create diz poem kot. 
to cik radiah, sabar ye.

tak sanggup meneruskan kata-kata lagi.kehkeh.byebye

note::cinta pada ALLAH adalah yang kekal abadi

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