30 December 2011

Rabbi Yassir wala tu’assir. Rabbi tham mim bil hayr

Rabbi Yassir wala tu’assir. Rabbi tham mim bil hayr. Rabbi zidni ‘ilman war zuqni fahman. O my Lord, make things easier for me, do not make things difficult for me. O My Lord, let my affairs end with goodness. O my Lord, increase my knowledge and grant me understanding. Oh Lord, make things easier for me and do not give hardhips; And make my end one of khair

This coming Tuesday will be da beginning of new episode for the war. I've to apply all the strategy to win da war. Yep, it's actually to win in da examination war. My 1st paper which will be on Tuesday is Ethnic Relation. Next Numerical Method on Thursday. And Fluid Mechanics on the next Monday.

Due to that, I hereby would like to ask an apology to all of you for any mistakes I've done. For those who will be facing da same war, I'm hoping that we could win the war peacefully. Let's strive to be the best among the best. May Allah bless us...

Please make du’a for me as my Finals begin in 4 days, insyaAllah! :)


p/s: keep on going! All the best...(^^,)

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